Tyneside in 1971: From juvenile jazz groups to the Rolling Stones in 10 photographs

Ten striking photographs from the ChronicleLive archives give a taste of what happened around Tyneside 50 years ago

For those who remember the year 1971, is it really 50 years ago? Well yes.

Our 10 photographs from the ChronicleLive archive recall some of what was happening around Tyneside at the time.

It was the year that 21-year-old London center-forward Malcolm Macdonald signed for Newcastle United and scored an exciting hat-trick against Liverpool on his home debut. He was to become a terrace hero.

The sound of kazoos and marching drums was frequently in the air during the summer months as the craze for youthful jazz groups took hold in the area.

And the Rolling Stones returned to the stage, embarking on their first UK tour since 1967 at Newcastle Town Hall.

It would generally be a very good year for rock music. The Old Gray Whistle Test made its first TV appearance, and at a time when the biggest bands performed regularly in the region, the mighty Led Zeppelin appeared in Newcastle and Sunderland on consecutive nights, just days before their fourth. best-selling album featuring the classic Stairway To Heaven was released.

As always, there was bad news. Football delivered a tragedy when 66 fans were crushed to death at Glasgow’s Ibrox Stadium after a game between Rangers and Celtic.

And in Ulster, as the “Troubles” escalated, a bomb exploded at McGurk Bar in Belfast, killing 15 people, including three children.

It was also the year that decimalization was introduced in the UK. Many have been scams because the old system of pennies, shillings and pounds, dating back to Saxon times, was replaced by a currency system based on units of ten.

On British television, new series in 1971 included The Two Ronnies, Parkinson’s and The Persuaders; in the pop charts, The Osmonds, Rod Stewart and T Rex have made an impact; and in theaters, popular film releases included Dirty Harry, Diamonds Are Forever, and The French Connection.

Further on, the Etna volcano erupted in Sicily; China has been admitted to the United Nations; and The Partridge Family, an American import, was a huge hit on television here.

Enjoy our photographs from 50 years ago.

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Ada J. Kenney