Three blues / jazz groups to perform in Joplin on Saturday | Lifestyles

Doug and Andrea Dicharry both hoped that their basic idea for establishing and developing a summer concert series in downtown Joplin would be adopted by the public.

Two concerts in it, both are more than satisfied with the result.

“To be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect,” Andrea said of Wilder’s 2019 summer concert series. “We were ultimately hoping that people from Joplin and the surrounding towns would come in droves and show their love for live music.”

The idea behind the series is simple: bring back memories of the popularity and importance of Bypass, the much-loved outdoor patio that housed decades of original live music. The Bypass is now known as Wilder’s Event Center, 1208 S. Main St.

“So far that’s exactly what we’ve seen. It has been wonderful, ”said Andrea.

Three bands will play live music during Saturday night’s concert, which begins at 7 p.m. at Wilder’s.

• Brick Fields, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, will start the night at 7pm with its distinct blend of blues and rock, with songs built around the singing chops of singer Rachel Fields, who has been called a “national treasure” by Guitar Player Magazine, and edited by husband and guitarist Larry Brick.

“We don’t have a sound like them here in Joplin, so I think people are going to love to see them come to town,” said Andrea.

“We went through several periods but never played there and received a lot of requests,” said Fields, of southwestern Missouri. “I just hope word will get out to the people we have met (there) over the years asking us to come there.”

• Annie and the Fur Trappers play a mix of ragtime and traditional jazz, which takes audiences south through the streets of New Orleans. The Saint-Louis-based group includes a clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba, banjo, guitar, piano, washboard and saxophone. The group, Andrea said, “is one that I personally seek to see.”

“We are excited to visit Joplin and expand our fan base in the greater Missouri area,” said lead singer Annie Linders. “The music we play is a big part of Missouri history, and we would love to bring the sounds of St. Louis across the state.”

• The Bel Airs, founded in 1981, is conducted by brothers Dick and Dave Pruitt on bass and electric guitar respectively. They play a mixture of country-rock blues music that is very reminiscent of Wilson Picket and Johnny Cash.

“It’s been years since I’ve seen The Bel Airs,” Andrea said, “and I believe the last time was right there on the patio at the Kitchen Pass. We decided to keep them in. as the final group of the night, and I think loyal attendees of past Kitchen Pass shows will be really excited to have them come back.

Justin Cauble will be playing music on the upper patio deck all night long. Food will be provided by Mr. B’s Cajun Café.

The final concert of the series is scheduled for Saturday, August 31, featuring Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy, ClusterPluck and The 1oz Jig.

Tickets cost $ 15; the event is open to people aged 21 and over.


Ada J. Kenney