Tampa Bay Area High School Music Camps March and Play Again

LUTZ, Fla – Daniel “Chip” Wood is a man who generally expects his bands to be some of the best in Tampa Bay.

But this year, as he leads the Marching Warrior Brigade at Steinbrenner High School, the teacher’s expectations are different.

The pandemic has also taken its toll on the marching bands.

“These kids haven’t had a regular music camp since fall 2019,” says Wood. “About half of the marching band program did not participate in a normal marching band year.”

For freshmen and sophomores, the band members are strangers in strange musical lands. They will need to quickly learn to be part of a walking musical ensemble.

But that’s what group camp is for. This allows the members to get rid of the rust and get into a groove.

A little over a week before the first day of class, school gymnasiums, cafeterias and grounds are filled with music.

Sophia, senior member of Steinbrenner’s talented colorguard, says this group camp is tough but also pretty cool.

“So this year they’re throwing it all at us, and it’s like it’s back to normal,” she says. “It’s fun, and there are a lot of connections, and it’s pretty awesome actually.”

To know the program of the next performances of the Steinbrenner Marching Warrior Brigade, Click here.

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