Ohio helps jazz artists

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In an effort to market musicians, two Ohio jazz fans saw an opportunity and formed their own nonprofit organization.

What would you like to know

  • Stephanie Matthews and her business partner Bruce Halliburton launched “A Tribe For Jazz” in April 2021
  • It is a new non-profit organization that strives to market global jazz musicians
  • Their first client is Jon Irabagon, a composer, conductor, and saxophonist, who attended Manhattan School of Music, Julliard and toured the world for a decade.

“The idea for ‘A Tribe For Jazz’ arose out of a series of conversations with jazz-loving friends as well as other artists,” said Executive Director Stephanie Matthews.

She and her business partner, Bruce Halliburton, launched the association in April 2021.

Matthews said Halliburton suggested their first client, Jon Irabagon.

“He’s an extraordinary musician. He has all this fantastic energy and spirit. He has this amazing discography and the music is so diverse.

Irabagon, composer, conductor, and saxophonist, attended Julliard’s Manhattan School of Music and toured the world for a decade.

“I like the idea of ​​the saxophone, a bent metal tube that you can make music in,” Irabagon said.

It’s a worldwide hit, but it struggled with its digital presence.

“I know all of these components are really important. Website stuff. All of this is essential, ”said Irabagon. “As a musician, I want to spend my time working on my craft. “

Irabagon, originally from Chicago, traveled to Columbus for four days to work with “A Tribe for Jazz,” take photos, work on their website and shoot a short film.

“We’re also a production house,” Matthews said. “I have access to directors of photography, lighting designers, set designers.

All with the aim of helping musicians like Irabagon to better market their talents.

“What we want to do is take it all and help them repackage it in a really uplifting way.”

The film performance “Legacy” will be released on October 15th.

Ada J. Kenney