New York jazz artists Shubh Saran and Sungazer touring India this month –

Shubh Saran (left) and Sungazer will perform in five cities from February 28. Photo: Lauren Desberg (Saran); Liz Maney (Sungazer)

Since 2018, New York-based Indian guitarist and songwriter Shubh Saran has been coming to India for performances and workshops. While a full tour of the group last took place in 2018, they are back for seconds in March, alongside electro-jazz duo Sungazer, which includes popular bassist Adam Neely and drummer Shawn Crowder.

The two groups will perform in five cities between February 28 and March 6, kicking off the Seher’s Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival. Performances and workshops include Mumbai, Goa, Gurugram and New Delhi this time around.

Saran, who just released his new five-track EP To become, says: “I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to meet new people who listen to our music every time I come back. There is certainly a growing audience [in India] for the kind of crossover music that we do. Sungazer will be making his India debut this time around, and Neely says he’s “thrilled to play music there.” The bassist adds: “Hearing about Shubh’s last tour of India from him and his band and the extremely warm and positive reaction they had the last time made me tick.”

Neely has known Saran since 2015, having performed in private concerts and continued to work on different projects. The bassist and YouTuber recently deconstructed Saran’s live performance from the song “Slip” (out of guitarist’s 2017 album Hmayra) and spotted a time signature 4/20. Neely adds of his tour mate: “He does a great job of honoring the sounds and traditions of many different styles of music, but manages to synthesize them in such a way that whatever he plays sounds like Shubh Saran. . This is what I think is so appealing about its sound.

As Sungazer launches his second EP Sungazer vol. 2 live in India, they will also have Saran sit down and improvise to songs at the shows. Saran describes this tour of India as “Shubhgazer”, denoting the “great traveling family of musicians who play in many bands from each other”. The guitarist-songwriter adds, “Within the total group, we represent members of at least half a dozen New York-based projects.” Sungazer Crowder drummer, Saran drummer Josh Bailey, saxophonists Jared Yee and Brian Plautz, keyboardist Christian Li and bassist Mark Minoogian will join them on tour. “The last song of the night is usually a big jam where we bring all the musicians on stage,” adds Saran.

While the guitarist has previously collaborated with independent Indian artists like Dhruv Visvanath, Shadow and Light and Pakshee, their upcoming tour hardly leaves him time to adjust to the recording sessions. “But we’re planning to have some musician friends on some songs for some of the shows,” Saran said.

Shubh Saran and Sungazer India Tour 2020

February 28 and 29 – Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival (show)

March 2 – G5A, Mumbai (broadcast)

March 4 – Goa Jazz Academy, Goa (workshop)

March 4 – Goa Jazz Academy, Goa (show)

March 5 – Piano Man Jazz Club, Gurugram (workshop)

March 6 – 1AQ, New Delhi (Jazz India Circuit with Bianca Gismonti Trio)

Watch the “Storm” live video below.

Ada J. Kenney