Nets Vs. Knicks, Jazz Vs. Lakers Wednesday

The road to the NBA Finals continues Wednesday with two more nationally televised games on ESPN. The Kevin Durant Bowl takes place without KD as New York’s rivals – Nets and Knicks – play MSG. Then everyone can see if the Lakers can sink deeper against the Jazz. Every week throughout the season, The lines will review some matchups for the TV slates and try to determine if there are any ESPN NBA player prop bets worth looking at. You can also search for ESPN NBA player accessories using our tool below.

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Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks

The Nets are coming off a non-superstar game against the Kings and surprisingly snapped their incredible 11-game skid with a dominating victory. Even though it’s a road game, Kyrie Irving shouldn’t be available for the game in-state, so we can expect the same type of roster from Brooklyn.

One thing to note coming out of this Kings game is that the team played at a very slow pace. We can’t know for sure after a game if this is going to be a pattern, but looking at the lineup it seems to be lacking in speed instead.

Against the Knicks to the rhythm of the bottom of the tablea slow game will probably be on the menu.

As for the Knicks, the main thing to note is that they will likely miss RJ Barrett for another game. He missed Monday’s loss to OKC, and there doesn’t seem to be much reason to rush him after his ankle injury. He can just rest during the All-Star break and hopefully come out completely healthy on the other side.

Seth Curry Accessories

Obviously, the headliner of James Harden’s big trade to the Nets side was Ben Simmons, but he has yet to join the team for game action. Instead, Seth Curry played a somewhat surprising leading role in his early days. He had a monster utilization rate of over 31% and poured 23 out of an effective 10 out of 18.

It seems unlikely that the market is expecting another huge play, but if it does, grabbing a few pennies should pay off. We should be skeptical he’ll repeat that level of use in what looks like a fairly even attack where any hot hand could lead the team in shots.

Even if it does, the majority of players have a trade-off between use and efficiency via an inverse relationship. More usage usually means less efficiency. Curry had a more effective goal-scoring game than his averages in Philadelphia, where he had a much smaller role.

Add in an icy Knicks team that isn’t great on defense and we can hope the market overreacts early and posts too high a number.

Accessories Julius Randle and Evan Fournier

With Barrett and his heavy hitting on the pine, Julius Randle returned to the use monster he was most last season. He has led the team by a wide margin in shots and free throw attempts in recent games.

It should once again go away, but the market will likely reflect that reality.

A sneakier look might come with Evan Fournier’s numbers. He threw an unholy volume of 3 points. Since the fall of Barrett, Fournier has taken 13, 13 and 10 from beyond the arc. Sure, he went 1 for 10 one of the games, but that potentially only masks what should be a big number here. The Fournier 3 and Fournier points are worth seeing if they don’t reflect its massive volume.

Utah Jazz at the LA Lakers

With three rest days ahead, the Lakers find themselves in what will likely be a rare favorable spot given the difficulty of their closing schedule. Can they take advantage and get out of a nasty crisis of seven defeats in nine games?

The Jazz also received good news with the return of Rudy Gobert to the roster. This puts their starting formation back intact. The question is, will the team limit their minutes? He only played 22 minutes but the team completely crushed Houston, so only one starter managed 30.

All in all, this looks like a game where the Utah offense could have a wild day. They have the most effective offense in the league and play at the pace of the surprisingly fast Lakers. Two other effective 3-point bombing teams just played the Lakers and turned them into target practice.

  • Golden State on February 12: 117.3 points per 100
  • Milwaukee on February 8: 132.7 points per 100 (!)

Accessories by Rudy Gobert

Rebounding has been a major issue for the Lakers this season. They rank 25th in bounce rate according to ESPN figures. That problem could be amplified here with the Jazz coming in second in the league on the glass.

Obviously, Gobert seems to be the first beneficiary. He hashe has the best defensive rebound rate in the entire leaguethrough Clean the glassand he’s no slouch on the offensive boards with an 82nd percentile rate.

Could the Lakers get him into foul trouble? They attack the rim more frequently than all but one team, but with only the free-throw rate ranked 18th, Gobert looks pretty confident playing his normal minutes assuming coaches and team staff accept it.

Given these factors, look for Gobert to outperform his rebounds and block props.

The Lakers are poor at both allowing rim attacks themselves (28th) and stopping people who get there (24th) as well, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Gobert score more than his usual share of points from the team.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James Props

How will the Lakers choose to combat Gobert’s strength up front? Will they dust off Dwight Howard and/or DeAndre Jordan? Or will they stick with the smaller lineups they’ve preferred lately?

Given these guys’ lack of impact, they’ll likely see if they can lean into their small groups. If so, Anthony Davis should have plenty of looks on Wednesday. The Jazz love to ditch the mid-range jumpers, which have been a big part of Davis’ diet.

Considering Gobert will prefer to step away from him to better protect the rim, we can expect Davis to get all the midrange looks he wants. Will he make them? It’s a whole different story. But, if you want to bet on winning volume in a perceived tough game here, you’ll likely have access to a fairly low number on an Anthony Davis points prop.

A discussion of LA Lakers player accessories cannot fail to mention LeBron James as well, of course. The Warriors allow a very similar shooting profile to the Jazz and James responded with a heavy 3 shot selection, shooting 10 times from deep. This will increase the variance of his rating props.

What about his 3-point accessories? Looking at some past numbers, it looks like the line is generally at 2.5 with some pretty heavy juice above it. He’s a bit cold right now after a 9-for-27 performance against the Warriors. If you can get a solid positive number under his 3, it’s probably worth it. Another cold shooting night or another solid defensive performance from Jazz can keep him in check.

Ada J. Kenney