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Pell, the stage name of Jared Pellerin, is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer who is pioneering his own sound. His music stems from his life experiences and thoughts from his subconscious, using the element of transparency to acknowledge various topics such as navigating life in your twenties and understanding the path to success.

He is also one of the founders of the New Orleans hip-hop collective glbl wrmng, a team of eclectic and socially conscious artists. Glbl wrmng features some of the hottest new rappers and producers in town including $leazy EZ, Alfred Banks, Kr3wcial and more.

In his albums, Pell is characterized as a dreamer by his soulful psychedelic tone. Originally from New Orleans, Pell spent time in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina and lived in Los Angeles for several years before returning home in 2020. This move, Pell says, helped solidify his sound, merging his cultural roots with the tools he picked up on the West Coast.

“I feel like nothing has grounded me more than the past two years, with the pandemic and this new life in New Orleans that has spawned so much of what I care about and a lot of what I’m working on now,” Pell said. Gambit last year.

Saturday May 7

2:40 p.m.-3:35 p.m. Place du Congo stage

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Ada J. Kenney