I bought a used Honda Jazz to replace my old Tata Safari Dicor

Our 2016 Ford Endeavor takes care of the road chores, while the Jazz takes care of the housework.

BHPian 123.rishabh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello everyone!

We bought our Safari Dicor LX 2.2 in 2008. The car was excellent value for money and really close to my heart (like any die-hard safari fan). The car was a truly durable, reliable and extremely comfortable companion whether it was city driving, highways or some autocross events.

It was replaced by the Ford Endeavor 3.2 Titanium in 2016.

Post this, the Safari was used by me to go to college, do chores as an extra car around the house.

Fast forward to year 2018 the car had driven 95,000 km (with all original paintwork) but thanks to NGT it was no longer fit to drive in Delhi so I had to to sell it with a heavy heart.

There was a need for a car to do basic housework and get around crowded places, so I thought about buying a used sedan.


  • Reliability
  • Good startup space
  • Practicality
  • Good ergonomics & comfort

Instantly, the older generation Honda Jazz (GE) and Ritz came to my mind and the search began.

Plenty of Ritz was available but didn’t like the overall quality of the cars.

Then the search began for the Jazz GE.

I have always loved this car because of the beautiful, magical seats, the minimal design of the maximal machine, the incredible reliability, the efficiency of the L12B I Vtec powertrain and the original interior theme.
There were a lot of cars available on Olx, but almost all of them were at dealerships and each car had driven 60-65k on the ODO (All tampered with).

After a month’s research, a well-known mechanic in the area told me about a 2009 Jazz that had traveled 12,000 km but was a sole proprietorship. I was initially apprehensive about the high mileage as none of my new cars had crossed the 1 lakh km mark, but thought about taking a look as this was the first one sold. directly by the owner.

I spoke to the owner, made an appointment and saw the car. She was owned by a retired major general and had all the service credentials of HONDA. The car looked in much better condition than the ones I saw at dealerships with fake 65k ODO. Asked the owner to allow me to get an inspection from Honda ASS. The ASS gave the green light and I recovered the car.

What I like in the car

  • Superb front seats & Ergonomics (Everything is just perfectly placed)
  • Quiet and refined 1.2L engine
  • Smooth gearbox with incredible handling around town
  • Easy to use steering controls
  • Magic seats are a godsend (Can charge almost anything)
  • FE (never drops below 12 Kmpl, reached a maximum of 17 Kmpl)
  • The fit and finish of the materials used are top notch

What I do not like

  • The direction size is a little big
  • Weak headlights
  • GC is on the lower side (I’m used to low cars so don’t mind much)
  • Lacks the relaxation mode that was available in the new generation car
  • The engine lacks punch (A 1.5 swap will make it perfect)

Safety and construction quality

The car has decent safety features like ABS and dual airbags as standard. It is much better built compared to today’s cars and decent enough to be used in the city. (Both airbags were replaced as part of the Takata recall)

Usage pattern

The car runs alternately with my A4 for a journey of 65Km round trip to the office. On weekends, he goes 10 km to do the shopping

Interior & Ergonomics

The interior fit and finish is excellent and good quality materials are used. All buttons and switches are correct. The headlight controls are very high end, but the audio switches are a bit lower. The front seats have excellent support and side reinforcement. The only thing missing is a dead pedal which is replaced with a rubber band.

There are plenty of cup holders and bottle holders (the ones on the dashboard double as bottle coolers). The double glove box is also useful.

Magic Seats are a boon in high and flat fold mode and create a huge room inside to carry anything.


All-round visibility is excellent. The seat is not height adjustable, but for the average adult it provides excellent visibility. The huge front windshield provides an airy feel, the Mitsuba flat blade windshield wipers made in Japan look amazing in combination with the mist type windshield washer jets. The presence of a third sun visor in the center is missed (like that of the MK1 Octavia). Both side mirrors are a good size with power adjustment and have a convex configuration to provide a sufficient view of the cars behind. IRVM is a type of manual gradation.


The 1.2LI VTEC engine is super refined and bulletproof! Even with 1.34 L km on the odometer, the cranking sound and cranking time are the same as a brand new one. I noticed some changes in the old vs new Jazz engine bay like, the old one came with an aluminum intake manifold (now plastic) and 2 radiator fans (now one). Handling is good and can crawl through traffic with minimal gear changes.

Speaking of performance the low end torque is a bit of a let down so has to be spread hard and the engine happily hits the power band and runs well after 4,500 rpm (VTEC Kicked in YO !!!!!!)


I’m not an expert in this department and found the built-in 2 din audio decent and easy to use. As far as I know this generation of Honda cars come with Alpine speakers from the factory and 4 of the speakers do a good job.

The center volume control dial sometimes malfunctions and suddenly increases or decreases the volume, but I have a habit of adjusting it through the rudder controls. The USB is missing (was added later in the facelift model) so you have to make do with the AUX port.

Work done after purchase

Although the car did not need any work after purchase, as part of preventive maintenance and being used to cars from the VAG group, I did not want to take any risks.

I took the car to Honda ASS and performed the following work

  • All fluids changed (engine, gearbox, brake oils, coolant)
  • Replacement of Iridium plugs
  • The brake pads have been replaced and the caliper pins have been greased
  • Regular service
  • Steering rods (rubber was worn)
  • Handbrake cable (was a bit tight)
  • rear brake cylinders

I also ordered a Jazz SI spoiler and fixed it, the car runs on a set of Yokohama Earth one tires.

During my daily commutes I realized the great sense of balance that this car gives, so I planned to take it to an FMSCI Dirt Autocross event in Manesar. The car performed very well and also secured a podium in the amateur category below 1600cc.

The next photos are from a FMSCI Tarmac Autocross event organized at the BIC

It was an exciting ownership experience with this car. I have driven 22,000 km in the past 1.5 years and the current ODO reading is 1.34 Lakh km.

I sold the car now and replaced it with an E Verito, but I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a used sedan – nothing comes close.

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Ada J. Kenney