Five Utah Jazz free agents expected to target this offseason

Utah Jazz forward Rudy Gay (Jeffrey Swinger – USA TODAY Sports)

It’s hard to imagine how this offseason could play out for the Utah Jazz. If they make it to the Conference Finals or further, there’s a good chance they’ll level up on the sidelines. If not, we may see this team blow up. Here we will assume that the nuclear option is not on the table. We have no valid reason to do so. We’re just guessing that you, as a Utah Jazz fan, don’t want to consider this possibility in depth.

With this assumption in mind, we’ll note that the Jazz project is quite limited: they’ll probably work with a little more than MLE. If they accomplish enough this year to keep their core together, the front office will live with that.

Maybe the Jazz make that run, or maybe Donovan Mitchell decides he’s still happy in Salt Lake City. Don’t dwell on the hypotheticals: just be happy the Jazz are sticking with the Mitchell and Gobert couple.

Here are 5 free agents in the upcoming offseason who could strengthen him.

Utah Jazz Free Agent Target #5: Josh Okogie

Okogie’s tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves likely didn’t go the way either party had hoped. Now in his fourth season, he’s averaging 11.6 minutes per game, a career low.

The shaky three-point shot is likely the culprit for his increasingly diminishing role. Okogie is a 27.4% career long range shooter. As a 6’4 wing in the three-point era, that’s not ideal.

He still has the tools to be a productive NBA player. Armed with a good size and a good quick instinct, Okogie is a solid defensive end. He is posting a defensive box plus minus (DBPM) of 0.8 this season.

There’s no good reason to assume Okogie can’t improve his three-point shooting. If he does, he will become just what this Utah Jazz team needs. Otherwise, it should be accessible at a price that would justify keeping it at the end of the bench.

Ada J. Kenney