Danny Ainge is back! This time to help lead the Utah Jazz

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Welcome back Danny! I know there were rumors he might be next in Portland since they just laid off their GM, but instead he’s now part of the Jazz braintrust. Good for him really. He spoke about his future last week

and as long as his health is good, why shouldn’t he come back to the league. He’s only 40 years of experience, built a title squad and did pretty well in the draft despite what the Twitter trolls will have you believe. Ainge certainly isn’t perfect and it’s not like he never makes mistakes, but the truth is the Jazz have to start getting over the bump here soon. All of that regular season success resulted in a total of zero (0) games after the second round. Ainge has lived it and knows what it takes both as a player and as a manager.

Of course, people who care about his old place of work are now saying, “You see! He didn’t quit, he was fired !!” routine. OKAY? Or, it’s possible that everything he needed to experience outside of the game has happened and he’s now ready for the right opportunity / role. None of us outside of the Celts’ ownership group Brad, Ainge and his family know what really happened, and I don’t know why it matters at this point? It’s a weird fixation even after all this time.

What matters to me personally is who Danny is going to pack Brad in the future. This is the playbook. A former Celtic executive joins a team and then offers the Celts one of their best players for pennies on the dollar. If you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a thousand times

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I guess if I had to choose I could support the addition of Jaylen’s good friend Donovan Mitchell to the team. We all know how much Ainge loves Marcus Smart. Just something to keep in your back pocket, that’s it. There is also this very good point

Love when a good plan seems to start to materialize.

I’m also interested to see how the NBA media landscape is handling Ainge now that he’s no longer in Boston. Will he be crushed for not having traded his best players when there are offers? Especially if they lose again in the second round? Will we have the quarterly hit songs from “Almost Ainge” that are simply recycled year after year? Only time will tell.

My only advice to Jazz fans is that now that Ainge is on the team, you’re going to have to get used to Jazz being mentioned in every potential business rumor for any potential player as long as they have this job. This is how it works. 99% of them are hot air, but you’re going to see the Jazz listed as potential contenders. To make it happen before the trade deadline is great. Now “sources” can go back to their favorite tradition of putting an Ainge team in every trade rumor. It gets old after a while, but you just have to have fun with it.

Ada J. Kenney