Contemporary jazz artists Marcus Anderson and Paula Atherton will perform live in Melbourne

Come to Melbourne, Florida for an intimate and exciting weekend of contemporary jazz!

Grammy and Stellar Award nominated saxophonist Marcus Anderson is an incredible number worth watching. He is a golden child who shines among the stars. With 13 studio albums to his name, the jazz fusion artist brings together R&B, Pop, Rock and Funk to create music that immerses listeners in another atmosphere. Number one in both Billboard’s Smooth Jazz and Sirius XM’s Watercolors categories with numerous hits, the Spartanburg, SC native delivers major music in a humble way.

From near and far, audiences of all musical tastes came to hear Marcus Anderson and his group “The Creatives”. He and his band put on a show that no other instrumentalist has ever staged. Fiery and welcoming, Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist who is not afraid to “give it all”. He is a fan favorite at highly recognized festivals such as Essence Music Festival, Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival, Seabreeze Jazz Fest and many more. . He has also appeared with headliners on top shows like The Tonight Show, Arsenio Hall, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Jimmy Fallon.

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Award-winning trumpeter/singer/guitarist/bandleader Ilya Serov has a passion for jazz that knows no bounds. A hugely talented young musician with an old soul, Ilya brings an infusion of imagination, vision and energy to the many nuances of America’s original musical art form. Possessing both chop and charisma, his live performances and recordings have garnered a solid following among jazz fans and seasoned musicians alike.

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Saxophonist and flautist Paula Atherton has enjoyed a long and varied career in contemporary and mainstream jazz. His acute sense of his instruments is poised and skilful. Her full-length album Can You Feel It has already started garnering genuine acclaim with its single, also titled “Can You Feel It,” landing a No. 1 hit three weeks in a row on Billboard. What’s even more cementing about this accolade is that it also landed #1 on Mediabase and #1 on the Smooth Jazz Network.

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Since signing to the Trippin’ N’ Rhythm label in 2009, Cindy Bradley has blossomed into a powerful and charismatic presence on radio and on the contemporary jazz festival circuit, with 8 #1 Billboard singles along the way. . Cindy has performed everywhere from the Seabreeze Jazz Festival to the Dubai Jazz Fest. She won Best New Artist at the American Smooth Jazz Awards, Best Brass Player of the Year and Best New Artist at the Contemporary Jazz Awards, and was named Catalina Island Jazz Debut Artist of the Year. Trax Festival and Smooth Jazz News.

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Ada J. Kenney