CNY Jazz Receives Grant for Continuous Improvements

CNY Jazz Central in Syracuse got a $50,000 grant to renovate its aging building and update its technology. Executive director Larry Luttinger said the funds will help improve the group’s lighting, video equipment and streaming capabilities, as well as strengthen its youth program.

“This is the second and final investment phase of our foundation for the future, which is to create a network of creativity classrooms and other social service agencies throughout central New York. “

CNY Jazz Central will also place teachers at three Syracuse schools to expand its music education. Luttinger said the program’s 100% pass rate shows that students are hungry for opportunities to better connect with the arts.

“It’s a fantastic interpersonal process, and there’s no more powerful tool to bring all of these elements together and help young people socialize and realize their selves than immersion in the arts.”

Performances will take place this summer throughout central New York, including a stroll-style performance in downtown Syracuse for Arts Week.

“Not just musicians, but dancers, actors and even a magician that we brought over from New York just to walk around, walk to sidewalk tables and do their thing. All kinds of music too, that’s not is not just a jazz festival.”

Luttinger hopes the grant-funded renovations will be completed by Labor Day.

Ada J. Kenney