Big something, the empire hits the brass

Going on stage with another group in a one-off sit-in role can come with a few musical tests.

Four members of the local band Empire Strikes Brass are working around these challenges to put on a great show with Big Something.

“They are difficult. We want it to sound great and have a perfect show, ”said Empire Strikes Brass founder and saxophonist Paul Juhl. “There’s always an added challenge when you’re not always playing with people, but I think everyone’s ears will open a bit more and listen to each other a bit more. It’s so much fun to get up and play with one of your favorite bands.

Big Something is a funky six-piece improvisation group from Burlington who have released six albums over the years. The band will perform 10:30 p.m. shows at Salvage Station on August 6-7.

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The August 6 show will be performed by Big Something Strikes Brass, as Juhl, Alex Bradley (trumpet), Kyle Snuffer (trombone and trumpet) and JP Furnas (trombone) join forces at Big Something. All 10 musicians will hopefully have a pre-show rehearsal, and it could be an extra-long balance day.

To prepare, however, local musicians drew up tables for their parts of the songs. They will not be the only brass in the group, as two members of Big Something will also play this family of instruments.

Juhl and his usual sidekicks won’t just play the notes of the charts, as the songs will include improvisation.

“They probably have signals on stage that are a bit different from ours,” Juhl said. “A good run will help with that. “

Friday’s concert features more local musicians, with Unihorn being the opener. This group includes other members of Empire Strike Brass performing covers and originals of funk, jazz, soul and hip-hop.

On stage with Empire Strikes Brass at Asheville Music Hall and The One Stop Presents: The Asheville New Years Eve 2016 Masquerade.

On August 7, the five-piece Greensboro-based jam group The Mantras will open Big Something. Both shows will be indoors, are general admission, and serve as an after-party for the sold-out Widespread Panic shows (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) at the arena.

Music before widespread panic

If you’ve been lucky enough to buy tickets to see Widespread Panic (or even if you haven’t) and want to hear some music before the big show on August 7, The Gray Eagle has what you need. you need.

Jazz Is Phsh will be playing a party on the patio before the show at 1 p.m. on August 7 at the local venue. Jazz Is Phsh is the musical creation of brothers Adam and Matthew Chase.

According to their website, the brothers “have brought a new take on Phish’s music to some of the best musicians in the world and created a platform for Phish fans to experience their favorite music through the eyes of jazz musicians. “.

Independent rock at Peel

Cold War Kids performs at the Innings Festival at Tempe Beach Park on March 23, 2018 in Tempe, Arizona.

Between two sold-out shows at the Orange Peel, takes place an excellent evening of indie rock with the California Cold War Kids.

The band will perform at 8 p.m. on August 11 at The Orange Peel. The venue doesn’t have tickets for The Mountain Goats on August 6 and Jelly Roll on August 12, but Cold War Kids still have tickets available.

Cold War Kids kicks off the current Kings of Leon tour, and the five-piece band fits into this local show on the nights off that tour and between shows in Charlotte and Nashville.

Cold War Kids recently released a single called “What You Say”. The song will be available in the latest installment of the group’s “New Age Norms” series, which will be available on September 24.

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