Album review: ‘Love for Sale’ highlights the thrill of jazz music, the end of Tony Bennett’s breakthrough jazz career

This isn’t the first time Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have come together to bring the classic sound of jazz music to life. The duo released their album, Cheek to cheek, in 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. Seven years later, love for sale focuses on the iconic music of Cole Porter. It’s the perfect sequel to the collaborators’ debut album and reminds listeners of the true beauty of jazz jazz.

Sadly, this album marks the end of Bennett’s decades-long career after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2017. The jazz singer let Gaga take charge throughout the recording process, encouraging her to sing solo on some songs. In an interview with Apple Music, Gaga said, “Tony gave me inspiration and permission to hold court in the studio again. He reminded me that I am the artist.

love for sale is a reminder of the close bond Gaga and Bennett share and you can feel it in every song as they laugh and take moments to talk to each other. Compared to the dark and serious nature of Cheek to cheek, the latest album is vibrant and whimsical.

The album opener “It’s De-Lovely” is a sweet melody that reflects the duo’s vibrant new sound. The opening trumpets that lead to a piano decrescendo and Gaga’s soft vocals reflect the happiness evident in her voice as Bennett joins her for the chorus. They sing about the beauty of finding true love and serenity, which could allude to the two’s current friendship.

“Love for Sale”, one of the album’s lead singles, describes the epitome of young love. The track emphasizes the ecstasy of falling in love quickly and warns the listener of the consequences that come with it. While it’s not as flashy and punchy as any Gaga cover, it still puts a smile on your face and keeps you rocking back and forth, wishing love would come your way.

In contrast, “Do I Love You” is a flawless love song that acts as Lady Gaga’s solo. It almost feels like she’s only singing for you, as the singer sings about not being able to live without the love of her life and how much she appreciates them. The orchestra playing in the background also makes it an essential star of the track list.

The catchy tempo of “I Get A Kick Out Of You” is about finding solace and attraction in the person you love and not worrying about what other people think when you’re with them. You might want to snap your fingers to this beat as the duo say “I don’t get no champagne kick / Mere booze don’t excite me at all / So tell me, why should this be true? Mm, yeah/you’re kicking me.The overall sound of the track is infectious and the vocals of Gaga and Bennett complement each other and demonstrate the powerful strength of their vocals.

“You’re The Top” ends the album on a positive note. His return of trumpets and percussion recalls the courage for which Gaga and Bennett are known. For fans who have followed the duo since their first collaboration together, this is the song for you.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett proved that jazz music can be revived and sound lighter and brighter. love for sale has its moments when certain songs lack the brilliance of Cheek to cheek but overall reminds jazz listeners of its dynamism and instrumentation. This does not detract from the value of the album; there are just songs that get repetitive or go on too long. The duo’s growth is evident in every track, but it may not be as remarkable as its predecessor.

Rating: 3/5


Ada J. Kenney