Airbnb, Utah Jazz Team to provide housing for refugees

The Utah Jazz Foundation is partnering with, a nonprofit that offers temporary stays for those in crisis, to provide housing for refugees fleeing Ukraine, Airbnb announced Wednesday (March 9).

The pledge will support Airbnb’s initiative to provide free short-term housing to up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine to Poland, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and others neighboring countries. Utah Jazz’s donation is expected to fund more than 32,200 nights of accommodation for Ukrainian refugees.

Separately, Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of bunq, the challenger bank based in Amsterdam, posted a message on LinkedIn in response to the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, according to

Support through the message exploded and led to the creation of People for People, a non-profit organization that helps victims of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

To reduce the spread of misinformation and protect privacy, Instagram is hiding information about users who follow and people who follow each other on private accounts in Russia and Ukraine, Meta Platforms, Instagram’s parent company, announced. The social media company notified private accounts in Ukraine and Russia of the change.

“We also do not display these accounts in other people’s followers or watchlists, or in our mutual following feature,” Meta Platforms said in a statement.

Also in the news, Shopify Inc. will not collect fees from its Ukrainian merchants and partners, the Canadian multinational e-commerce company has announced. As millions of Ukrainian refugees desperately need help, Shopify said it will contribute humanitarian aid through its partner, Flexport. Shopify will also match employee donations supporting this relief effort.

Additionally, the company suspended operations in Russia and Belarus and said it would continue to monitor events and comply with applicable sanctions.



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Ada J. Kenney