A Manchester entrepreneur’s new venture selling stylish straps to jazz up Apple Watches

Mark Brown took his first steps in selling editing equipment, but now wants something that will appeal to the general public

Buckle and Band is a new business set up by Manchester entrepreneur Mark Brown to sell Apple Watch straps

A Manchester entrepreneur is one to watch with his new venture into business.

Mark Brown created Buckle and Band, which sells a range of stylish straps to go with Apple Watches.

Based in Manchester city centre, the team behind the company are looking to establish themselves this year and also offer a range of vegan leather products.

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This is Mark’s second venture as an entrepreneur and hopes it will make more of an impact with the general public.

Mark Brown, founder of Buckle and Band

What is Buckle and Band and why did they create it?

Brand founded Buckle and Band after discovering that he liked modern, high-tech watches with features like fitness trackers, but didn’t like the silicone bands they came with.

So he decided to start the business to create something closer to the chic straps of traditional watches that he admits to being a fan of.

Mark said: “You could get expensive leather straps for Apple Watches, but I found that to be a bit overkill. Some of them cost thousands of pounds and were more expensive than watches.

“I always looked for a prettier strap but couldn’t find something I really liked. I’ve always had a passion for business and thought we could do a better job.

Mark got together with his creative team, based in an office in St Ann’s Square, and designed a range of simple leather bracelets.

Buckle and Band launches with a collection of five different watch straps, including three leather and two silicone and leather hybrids.

“If you’re going to the gym or swimming, the leather may rub against your skin, but if you’re going to work out with a shirt or smart gear, you don’t want a brightly colored silicone strap,” explained Mark.

“Hybrids look great wherever you are.”

What is the next step for the company?

Buckle and Band is now looking to boost its presence in the market after having a soft launch about a month ago.

The team is also currently testing alternative leather products which Mark hopes will eventually be turned into vegan watch straps.

And there are also plans for stainless steel straps in the pipeline.

Buckle and Band makes straps for Apple Watches

Mark also made no secret of the fact that he would eventually like to bring Buckle and Band’s manufacturing process to town along with the company’s creative and design elements.

“At the end of the day, we want everything to be made in Manchester,” he said.

How did Marc get into business?

Originally from Norwich, Mark came to North Manchester while working as a stage manager for ITV.

He created his first company, Editor keyson the side, but has now run it full-time for about a decade.

The company specializes in shortcut editing keyboards and home recording equipment for media industries such as video editing and photography.

Mark says he is looking forward to developing Buckle and Band as it has much wider potential appeal to mainstream audiences.

He said: “It has a much bigger market. I wanted to try something new for myself.

Ada J. Kenney